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We partner with clinics and hospitals in Denmark, as well as abroad, to offer a range of shoulder-related courses. These can be exclusive, e.g. to a hospital, or open to everyone. If you are interesting in hosting, please contact us via the form for more details. Want to include a revenue for the organiser? Let us know.

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The cutting edge of shoulder surgery and post-operative rehabilitation

If you work in the field of patient shoulder rehabilitation, you now have a unique opportunity, through this course, to benefit from surgical and physiotherapeutic perspectives on a number of common shoulder surgeries.

Learn about rotator cuff rupture, the unstable shoulder, frozen shoulder, bicep injuries and subacromial pain syndrome. Furthermore, the course will explore warning signs for surgery as well cover best practice cooperation between surgeon and physiotherapist. Other professional groups such as occupational therapists and GPs may also find this course relevant.

Doctor of Orthopedic Surgery, Klaus Bak, from the Coastal Hospital will teach about the operations themselves and the restrictions that follow, highlighting evidence from a surgical perspective.

Physiotherapist John Odin from ODINspecialclinic For Shoulder Rehabilitation will teach practical rehabilitation, mobilisation as well as training evidence from a physiotherapeutic perspective. Much of this content, including training and theory-based material, will be transferable to non-surgical patients.

Key to the practical elements are appropriate information gathering as well as interesting and engaging training regimes.

The course will alternate between theory, discussions, video material relating to operations or patient cases and practical training.

Conservative Shoulder Treatment 2.0


Now you have the chance to become an even better shoulder therapist. 'Conservative Shoulder Treatment 2.0' provides a solid foundation for treating most shoulder pathologies with a solid evidence-based outlook.

The course has previously been offered as a one-day course, but has now been upgraded to two days, incorporating additional focus on practical work and training.

The course features elements of clinical reasoning, examination/assessment and treatment of pathologies such as subacromial pain, unstable shoulders and stiff shoulders-. You will also benefit from a variety of tape techniques including kinesiotape, dynamic tape and non-elastic tape.

The curriculum will also cover a number of major acute injuries, including  shoulder luxation reposition. Teaching will alternate between theory, training, practical case reviews and AV production.

At the end of the course, participants will complete a supervised case, featuring content covered in the syllabus.

Teacher: Physiotherapist and author John Odin (ODINspecialclinik For Shoulder Rehabilitation)

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